Hi, I'm Pierre Lemasson. Welcome on my graphic designer / technical artist PortFolio.

Recent activity :

Puddle, our ex-student project is finally avialable on XBLA and on PSN !

On XBLA Marketplace here,
and on PSN there

Generate a generator...

I've made new generative stuffs during the two last months. Procedural work allows me to create complex 3D shapes like mazes or spaghetti ball. I have mainly worked using Processing and Maxscript.

To create easily 3D splines or to instance geometry, I used maxscript, for fractal shape or boid-tracing.
To build a maze, it was easily to fill directly a vertex buffer, so I used processing. You can download the applet here.
I havn't yet finished my telluric planetoid generator so it'snt avialable now.

Puddle announced at E3 2011 !

Started two years ago, after finishing studies and one year of development at Neko Entertainment - Puddle - our first student project is announced at E3 2011.

Available soon, an article about graphics design work on Puddle (a view of my own work): here.
Official link on Konami website.

PaperPlane Student Showcase Winner 2011 at IGF

Our last student project - PaperPlane - is Student Showcase Winner 2011 at the Independent Games Festival. As graphics designer on this project, I'm going to San Francisco with teammates to present the game and, of course, enjoy the Game Developer Conference. It will be my second time there because we were already at IGF last year with the project Puddle Puddle.

You can download the game on our official website there : paperplane-game.com.
You can read more about the development there (french) : PaperPlane on LeMonde.fr.