Puddle is a student project that we made over four months in 2009 at ENJMIN (France). It's a physics based game in which you tilt the level to move a liquid puddle. We were a team of six students, and I was graphics designer on it. Puddle was nominated at the Independent Game Festival 2010 as Student Showcase finalist in San Francisco.

In-games screenshots

Artworks that I've create to set up the visual ambiance.

Technical work

My work on this project was also to fill an assets base for the level design. Most of those were especially black shape, so it just needs to use 2D software like Photoshop. For special assets as chemical glassware or animated sprites like flame or electricity, I have to use 3DSmax with Mental Ray render and After Effect.

At last, I'm working on the fluid render. The game was programmed using Microsoft XNA technology, so programmers give me an access to shaders (HLSL) and render targets. You can see some new examples here.

Example of 3D sprites creation and new fluid shading.


Puddle win some distinction:

E-magicien 2009 : best game design.

Student Showcase Winner 2010 at the Independent Game Festival of San Franscico.

Highlighted at the GamesConnection 2010 of Lyons (France).