• processing #5

    Examples of filters written with Processing used to create graphics for videos and games.

  • Mazes generators : the second and the third are using depth-first search algorithm, in 2D or in 3D.

  • processing #1

    This applet creates disks by revolution. When borders of circles collide, the revolution is stopping and the collision point becomes the center of a new disk.

  • processing #3

    This applet is tracing lines. When a line is crossing another one, rules set new color, direction and position. This applet was inspired by that

  • processing #2

    This applet launches a bunch of particles - There are different kind of particles, and when they collide, they die and emit energy, and energy gives new particles. It's inspiring by pictures took in bubble chambers.

  • processing #4

    This applet is using particles with boids behavior. Each boid is linked one by one and it's creating a strange effect like if you're moving some kind of spider web.