PaperPlane is a videogame project that we made over six months in 2009/2010. It was developed by nine French students at ENJMIN. In this prototype, you are playing with a simple paper airplane around a countryside house. The airplane is some kind of memory vector, and step by step, you breathe life into the scenery : objects and people appear and fill the environment.

In-games screenshots

Examples of drawings that I've did to find a graphics style for the game. I had different sources of inspiration: we did hikes and mountain bike rides around the countryside. We also thought about our own childhood holidays.

Technical work

It was possible because we chose a very simple visual style: 3D assets don't contain a lot of polygons and they are colorized only with diffuse map (no shading effects like bump or specular reflect).

I worked mainly on the set (ground, trees and buildings) but also on characters (especially on the paper airplane).
To work faster, I developed some tools: I wrote maxscripts for the light map generation process and material management. I've created a trees generator too: based on L-systems, just by changing the generation rules, it allows you to create a one piece mesh, with tiled UVs and leafs.

At last, I've worked on the introduction movie. In this case, I've programmed a kind of particles filter to give a painting aspect on the video. It was a pre-calculated effect, but I currently work on a real-time shader to do the same (here).

The 3D works (modeling and animation) was done mainly with 3DSmax - Textures were painted with Photoshop - the trees generator and painting filter were written with Processing

Game Trailer & Walktrought

PaperPlane win some distinction:

Milthon award 2010 for best student game (ae-equo with Guerridae).

E-magicien 2010 : best sound design.

Student Showcase Winner 2011 at the Independent Game Festival of San Franscico.